Best Waterproof Golf Shoes

You’re going to be spending plenty of time on your feet when you are playing golf – and not always in the best of weather.

This is especially true if you’re hoping to get out for little bit of early-season golf when the course is still pretty wet, or hope to squeeze in a couple of rounds in the late fall before everything closes up for the winter when it is equally as wet.

And while there’s nothing worse than topping a drive right off the tee or blading a wedge, walking upwards of 5 miles on a golf course with soggy feet ranks right up there, too.

With the help of the best waterproof golf shoes in 2020, though, that shouldn’t be a problem any longer. Our Five Favorite:

5+ Best Waterproof Golf Shoes

1. Adidas Golf Men’s Tour360 Boost-M

Some of the most popular golf shoes on the professional circuit, Adidas hit a hole in one with these internal spiked shoes that combine world-class aesthetics with the kind of high-tech fabrics and materials you’d expect from this legendary athletic apparel and equipment manufacturer.

The lightweight and flexible saddle offers you the kind of comfort you’re looking for when you’re going to be walking a lot on the course, and TPU outsoles feature dual density levels that cements the internal cleats in place so that traction is never an issue.

Combine that with total waterproofing from top to bottom (proprietary waterproofing from Adidas directly) in these shoes won’t just protect your feet and keep you dry but are going to look fantastic while you’re walking up and down fairways, too.

The majority of the reviews online today for these shoes are super positive, with people really enjoying the clean aesthetics, the multiple colorway options, and the way that these shoes hold up to wet weather.

2. FootJoy Mens Pro SL Golf Shoes

These just might be the most comfortable shoes in the world of golf which is exactly what you would expect from the folks at FootJoy.

This is one of their latest model refreshes, a set of golf shoes that feature spikeless traction elements on the bottom that have been mated to a leather upper that is 100% waterproof while remaining lightweight and super durable.

Best of all, that 100% waterproof leather material isn’t going to get stiff as it ages. It starts off pretty supple and pretty comfortable right out of the gate, but it’s only going to get better and better over time – a lot like your favorite baseball glove.

Laser Plus Last proprietary technology from this manufacturer produces a narrower heel in the back to better protect your feet before widening out in the midsole and in the toe box area so that your feet will always have room to breathe without sacrificing performance.

All in all, there’s a reason why millions of golfers all over the world choose the best waterproof golf shoes FootJoy has to offer time and time again.

3. Nike Golf Lunar Control Vapor Shoes

Some of the best golfers on the planet – legends like Tiger Woods included – are wearing these waterproof golf shoes on their feet in the biggest tournaments around the world, guaranteeing that they are going to be able to perform their very best no matter what Mother Nature throws at them.

Absolutely jampacked with the kind of technical fabrics and materials as well as engineering innovations you’d expect from the folks at Nike, the Flywire proprietary technology Nike has been perfecting over the last 10 years ago is very much up front and center on these shoes.

This technology allows these golf choose to feel like they fit closer against your skin than previous versions, providing that secure fit when combined with TPU outsoles with Articulated Integration Traction tracks along the bottom of the shoes for stability.

NIKE SKIN technology provides the waterproofing on these golf shoes, helping them to remain lightweight while remaining hydrophobic so that water just wicks right off of your shoes effortlessly.

To no surprise, people all over the world in the golf community love everything that Nike has been able to shoehorn into these waterproof golf shoes. The fit can be a little tight for those with wider feet, but after a couple of rounds they break in quite nicely and are some of the best shoes money can buy.

4. PUMA Men’s Titantour Ignite Golf Shoes

Golfers like Ricky Fowler have been wearing these PUMA shoes throughout the 2019 – 2020 season in every weather condition imaginable while looking fantastic doing it!

A little heavier than some of the other options we’ve broken down already, the trade-off here is dramatically improve quality, overall durability, and a full grain leather upper from top to bottom that’s been impregnated with proprietary weatherproofing materials to guarantee a watertight fit.

A lot of other PUMA proprietary advancements can be found throughout these golf shoes, including the TPU power frame material that wraps around the EVA midsole to boost strength and flexibility without sacrificing freedom or adding a lot of extra weight.

The insoles are specifically designed to keep your feet cool and dry, and cushioning foam throughout the shoe helps you feel locked in so that you can confidently address and hit shots anywhere on the course even in sloppy conditions.

Reviewers are really positive when it comes to the overall look and aesthetics of these shoes. The fit and finish of these shoes is also something reviewers touch on almost unanimously, with the general consensus being that the folks at PUMA hit this one right out of the park.

5. Under Armour Men’s Spieth 2 Golf Shoes

Jordan Speith might be best known for dominating at The Masters at such a young age, but his meltdown on hole 12 when he dunked his ball in the water twice when trying to defend his title is something the golf world won’t soon forget.

These waterproof shoes that Jordan had a significant amount of input into might not have helped him all that much on the hardest hole in Augusta, but they can definitely help keep your feet dry when you are playing in wet conditions.

These Under Armour shoes have a bit of a futuristic look to them like a lot of the UA products out there, and are absolutely jampacked with cutting-edge technology and new hearing to support your golf game.

Microfiber leather materials up top are mated with a UA smartweave material that stays lightweight and supportive while remaining 100% waterproof. Combine that with a removable EVA footbed that offers plenty of cushion and responsiveness all over the course (and the removable UA Rotational Resistance spikes help, too) and is not hard to see how these became a bestseller so quickly.

The shoes are still pretty brand-new but almost all of the reviews out today are very positive. Customers love the look, they love the removable and replaceable spikes, and the waterproofing definitely lives up to the marketing promises.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, you want to be sure that you’re getting your hands on a pair of the best waterproof golf shoes that are going to support your game – golf shoes that are going to help you dominate, shape strokes off of your score, and protect your feet whether you’re playing 9 or 18.

The bottom line is simple. You really can’t go wrong with any of the top options we highlighted above, and you may even want to get two or three pairs of the options we reviewed earlier just so that you have different colors and styles to go with all of your favorite golf outfits!

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