Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

Almost 30% of people suffer from a condition called flat foot, or pes planus, a deformity where the arches of the foot never fully develop.Without an arch, the whole of the foot will come into contact with the ground with each step.

This creates a severe impact on the structure of your lower body, which can quickly develop into ankle and knee pain, swelling in the balls of the feet, and even tendonitis!

These conditions will only be worsened by vigorous activity, such as excessive walking, running, or even by playing tennis! Therefore, it is imperative that those of you who have flat feet (check now if you’re not sure!) pick the type of shoe that will fully support proper mobility function.

Just like a normal bridge, the purpose of the arch in your foot is to disperse force, while providing stability for the structure above.

Therefore, the best tennis shoes for flat feet would be one that provides lots of support, reduces impact force, and provides stability for your ankle and knee joints.

5+ Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

1. New Balance Men’s 624 Fitness Shoes

This list wouldn’t be worth much if it didn’t include a mention of New Balance – a trainer company that consistently delivers products that are simultaneously functional and fashionable.

New Balance is frequently worn by fashion icons such as the Kardashians, hip-hop icons such as Pharrell Williams, and even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, who value its combination of comfort and style.

Crucial for any shoe great for flat feet is the IMEVA Foam that cushions the midsole of the trainer, to deliver firm and flexible support that enhances performances and safeguards against impact injury.

The supportive foam sole grants it an additional heel height of 3 centimeters, not only providing much needed support but also edging on the new, fashionable trend for high-heeled trainers AND providing a small height boost too, so you can taller over your tennis opponents!

With comfortable insoles that can also be removed and replaced by orthotic ones, the New Balance 624 is well reviewed by its customers.

Fran, a repeat customer of New Balance, complimented the shoes fit and told of how her husband would insist on only buying New Balance from now on forwards.

Another reviewer commented that the soleplate was ‘substantial’, making it great for long-term supportive use, and that functionally it would serve great as a Tennis Shoe.

With all this considered, we feel that the New Balance 624 definitely deserves a spot on this list for the 5 best tennis shoes for flat feet!

2. STQ Women Walking Shoes Slip On Sneakers

Also well reviewed by its customers is the STQ Women’s Walking Shoes Slip-on. Praised by its buyers as being ‘stylish’, ‘comfortable’, ‘light’, and ‘warm’, the STQ is definitely one to consider for all women who love being active!

One reviewer, Hannah, even mentioned how the shoe had done wonders for her sciatica – so if health and general comfort is your main concern, then this is definitely one to take a look at!

As with all the shoes on this list, the STQ comes with a sizeable sole that makes use of the tried, tested and highly popular air cushion technology to provide comfort, fit and the kind of support that is essential for sufferers of flat feet.

Stylistically, the STQ is optimised to fit a range of wardrobes as it comes in an extensive range of colours, and has a sleek, fashionable design that can easily blend into a range of outfits.

As a slip-on shoe, it lacks laces, allowing its wearers to save time when heading out the door without sacrificing comfort or fit.

Made of breathable material, and again boasting an enlarged 6cm heel that matches the recent women’s sneaker fashion trends by top luxury brands such as Balenciaga, the STQ is definitely one to look out for!

3. Under Armour Men’s Micro G Pursuit

You simply cannot go to any modern commercial gym without seeing Under Armor.

When it comes to performance and gym style, Under Armor has made itself a popular and reliable name.

It is no surprise then that they would rank as one of the best tennis shoes for flat feet.

With a streamline shape for performance, a smaller sole for mobility, but maintained comfort and support through the Micro G Foam technology, these trainers have been specially designed for extreme gym and sports sessions.

In fact, everything from its breathable but fast drying material, to the flexibility of its sole has been designed to facilitate for high-end sports performance.

It is no surprise then that from YouTube to amazon, the Under Armor Micro G Pursuit is well reviewed. One reviewer said that they ‘could not keep a smile off their face’, and that it was ‘great value for money’.

Worth checking out? We think so!

4. Get Fit Women’s Mesh Running Trainers

If laces are more your thing, then the ‘Get Fit Women’s Mesh Running Trainers’ may be for you.

Unlike the other trainers on this list that utilise air or foam support, this trainer uses gum rubber for a sturdier support system.

Unsurprisingly then, this has led to it being relied on by one reviewer for her daughter’s 12-hour shifts, which she says they’re perfect for!

With a half slip-on, half lace-up front design, the Get Fit offers a mix of both worlds, facilitating for quick, easy wear, and more specific adjustments that laces traditionally provide.

Coming in a range of colours, including all black, the Get Fit is an all around good-looking shoe that seems to have a wide customer appeal based on a great value for money basis.

5. Nike Men’s T-lite Xi Sports Shoes

Can you mention sports without Nike? From the Olympics to casual wear, Nike has been an ubiquitous name foreclose to forty years

Having sponsored and specifically designed products for a wide range of athletes, it is no surprise that Nike would be a go to brand for the best tennis shoes for flat feet.

Over the years, Nike has implemented and pioneered a variety of technologies to counteract a long list of physical impairments, including flat feet.

One great pro about the Nike Men’s T-Lite as mentioned by one reviewer is that they’re water resistant, so for those of you who love being active regardless of the weather, this shoe is definitely one to think about!

Nike has long since made a name for itself as a reliable and trustworthy brand, so in terms of fit, comfort, and structural support you can be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

With reviews that reflect this, this trainer seems to be a go to for the sporty with buyers that have immediately taken these trainers out of the box and gone straight for a 5 mile run!

One of the few leather tennis shoes out there, with breathable material, a stylish design and the signature Nike tick, the T-Lite is definitely one to be considered for those looking out for the best tennis shoes for flat feet.

The Sole of the Issue

For those of you suffering from flat feet (or simply those who value support for long term health, or another medical issue), the sole of the trainer is everything.

If you’re planning on deadlifting, then perhaps a flat shoe with a harder sole (such as chuck Taylor’s) are for you.

However, for the runners or tennis players out there, the importance of an arched, large sole cannot be underestimated.

In which case, give one of the trainers in this article a try, and see the difference that proper support and cushioning makes for yourself!

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