Best Tennis Shoes for Bunions

For those that have ever suffered from bunions, you know very well how painful those bony bumps can be when it comes to moving through those especially long days.

We have narrowed down the considerable field of reputable companies to present you with the top 5 best tennis shoes for bunions in 2020.

5+ Best Tennis Shoes for Bunions

1. Brooks Mens Ghost 11

If you have bunions on your feet, then you will need more wiggle space around the toe box area. Brooks Men’s Ghost 11 running shoes have been designed with stretchy materials that are supportive and long-lasting.

These tennis shoes have been created specifically to absorb shock when feet strike the ground so there is no additional pressure on bunions. For additional comfort and softness, the forefoot of the outsoles protect the feet better than most shoes on the market.

Another great benefit Brooks has added is the option for wider shoes in this edition, with the brand offering a ‘D’ for medium width and an ‘EE’ for wide width. Plus, the enhanced upper mesh provides structure where it is most needed when in motion.

Reviewers note Brooks shoes fit true to size, are durable, and perform at peak capacity for up to a year with daily use, making them well worth the investment.

2. ALTRA Women’s Torin 4

ALTRA has created a shoe that is big on design and delivers the ultimate in performance, made from high-quality materials that include a synthetic sole and mono-mesh that keeps feet dry as you train. Runners will appreciate the cushioning that provides equilibrium and comfort to bunions across long distances.

Who wouldn’t want to feel as if they were running on clouds? ALTRA provides advanced cushioning that makes these shoes primed for the track or any terrain. These are specially manufactured running shoes for people that have a high or low arch; other notable benefits include:

  • performance ready
  • increased flexibility
  • moisture-wicking
  • low stack height
  • ideal for HIIT training

Previous customers rave about the overall comfort of the ALTRA Torin 4, citing the generous cushion in the front soles that won’t compromise the toes. These running shoes also provide great benefit to users with feet that have a tendency to pronate.

3. New Balance Mens 1540

Precision is the name of the game and New Balance has been a leader in the shoe industry for decades, with the New Balance 1540 another entry that features ENCAP technology that provides additional strength and foot support. For runners that value stability when in action, the New Balance 1540 has been created with a Rollbar and tough polyurethane rim that offers breathability for problematic bunions.

Made of 100% synthetic materials and mesh, the New Balance 1540 boasts the following features:

  • padded collar and tongue
  • polyurethane footbed that provides additional cushioning and stability
  • durable outsole for additional comfort
  • exceptional grip

For long-distance runners that suffer from overpronation, these shoes come with two performance foam layers that give you that soft rebound and enahnced support that you need. They are also lightweight enough that feet won’t feel heavy after a long session.

Previous wearers note that these are great shoes if you are flat-footed and provide elevated support for longer workouts, making the New Balance 1540 a capable and worthy addition to any runner’s collection.

4. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20

The Adrenaline GTS 20 Running Shoe by Brooks is a show designed for runners at heart that demand the comfort, support, and flexibility for longer training sessions. These shoes are available in several widths and come with added space in the toe box that offers more motion control.

Runners that suffer from overpronation will also find that these tennis shoes are perfect for cross training, gym workouts, or a simply a day filled with errands. The streamlined design makes them perfect to wear with most casual clothes as well.

Other notable features of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 include a 3D Fit Print that affords users a better fit and structure and guiderails that check for excess movement while in motion. Made from soft plush leather and excellent arch support, reviewers note that these shoes are not only lightweight, but provide optimal protection and stability, features that every shoe needs.

5. ASICS Women’s GT-2000 3

Each year, the ASICS GT 2000 series has delivered with tennis shoes that directly address the bunions and pronation that many people suffer from. This edition has gone one step further in providing the ultimate in support that features FluidRide cushioning and an improved upper wrap for stability.

People that train consistently will appreciate the extensive rearfoot and forefoot cushioning available in ASICS GT 2000 3, with the model maintaining the feel of previous models while ramping up the bounce-back quotient for more gentle movement.

The seamless design also ensures that feet are snug and that comfort is not compromised in the process, with other benefits including:

  • enhanced protection
  • lightweight
  • highly durable

Reviewers of the ASICS GT 2000 3 are quite satisfied with how durable they are as well as the flexible meshing at the front of the shoe. These shoes are also notably lighter than most shoes on the market, including an enhanced workout at longer distances.


When you suffer from foot ailments such as bunions, it is important to provide yourself with the best footwear possible in order to provide the ultimate in support and protection. Bunions can be extremely painful in many instances and shoes that aggravate the area is something that you want to avoid at all costs. Investing in comfortable shoes that have been specially created to deal with this issue will ensure that you receive the comfort you need and enough durability to last. We recommend these shoes as the 5 best choices for alleviating your symptoms.

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