Best Tennis Shoes for Ankle Support

The best tennis shoes on the market today aren’t just designed to look smart while you are playing, but are instead key pieces of equipment that can help you get the most of your game while protecting your body from injury along the way.

Supporting your ankles is a huge piece of the puzzle to keeping healthy as a tennis player.

Regardless of whether or not you are a weekend warrior, an amateur looking to get better and better, or a serious professional with aspirations of dominating on clay and grass you need to avoid injuring your ankles and causing instability that could compromise your game for the rest of your life.

Here are a handful of tennis shoe options you’ll want to consider to better support your ankles going forward!

5+ Best Tennis Shoes for Ankle Support

1. Adidas Barricade Tennis Shoes

These shoes are specifically designed with tennis in mind, engineered to squeeze in as many performance-enhancing features as possible while at the same time protecting you from injury.

Using the new seamless forged mesh material that Adidas is using a lot of their athletic footwear, you’re going to see an upper that offers a lot more support to your ankles.

On top of that, you get just the right amount of stretch so that you can still bounce around the court without compromising your performance just to better protect yourself.

Abrasion resistant Adidas proprietary material wraps all the way around the toe and forefoot area of the shoe, protecting you (and the shoe) during some of the more important tennis movements you’ll go through in every match.

A bit of extra support in the midfoot area and a lot of extra cushioning under the heel further protect your ankles, too.

A lot of reviews speak glowingly of these Adidas shoes because of their purpose built approach to delivering better performance and protection to tennis players specifically.

2. Asics Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoes

The real standout here with these tennis shoes is a flexion fit upper material that works to stabilize your feet (and your ankles specifically) that’s been mated to a proprietary memory foam ankle pad for a custom feel that’s impossible to get anywhere else with mass-market tennis shoes like these.

The gel pads throughout the heel and forefoot area provide that extra bit of comfort you need to get through longer tennis training sessions and competitions without a lot of fatigue, all while absorbing shock and protecting your feet and your ankles with every movement.

Gender specific cushioning on both the women’s model and the men’s model provide even more of a tailored experience, all at a price point that is tough to beat.

There are a lot (A LOT) of 4+ star reviews out there for these shoes it shouldn’t surprise anybody that they are some of the most popular tennis shoes on the planet right now. Folks love the cushion system, the smart upper design, and the overall feel of these shoes more than maybe any others.

3. New Balance MC806 Tennis Shoes

New Balance has done it again with these great tennis shoes which is exactly what you’d expect from a company that’s been making athletic footwear for more than 100 years now.

A number of proprietary materials from this manufacturer are on full display, including a unique compression molded insole that’s made almost entirely out of EVA foam to provide that extra bit of stability that you are after (particularly in the ankle area).

Proprietary cushion materials as well as a moisture wicking fabric throughout the shoe help to seal the deal lands far as making this one of the most technical tennis shoes on the market today is concerned.

A herringbone traction pattern grips the court or the clay well even in less than ideal conditions, and thanks to the low-pro ankle support you won’t feel like you are bouncing around and hightops with these shoes on.

4. Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Tennis Shoes

Nike absolutely dominates the athletic footwear world and it’s impossible to imagine any top five list of the best tennis shoes not including a pair from these experts.

The latest version of the Air Zoom Vapor X lineup, these are the exact tennis shoes that are used by legends of the sport like Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal – and with good reason, too.

Featuring the same gender specific design elements and cushioning options that one of our top tennis shoe choices above include, but taking things to entirely new levels, the shoes are going to fit snug against your feet without ever feeling tight so that they provide that extra bit of stability to your ankle area.

A TPU shank runs through the midfoot to provide even more stability as well as a bit of extra lateral support. The XDR rubber soul features that herringbone pattern so popular with tennis shoes to keep you glued to the court, too.

The EVA midsole and the Zoom Air heel components found in both the men’s and women’s options make the biggest difference when it comes to protecting your ankles, though. Almost all of the customer reviews for these shoes talk about that these materials and how they help these Nikes stand apart from everything else out there today.

5. Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 Tennis Shoes

Wilson gets discounted out of hand far too often in favor of companies like Nike and Adidas, but it’s important to remember that this company has been responsible for some of the best tennis shoes ever made and it looks like they aren’t going to change course anytime soon.

The extra padding in the heel area and the ankle area of these shoes make them look like they are going to fit tighter than they do, but in practice the air cushion system works to mold up against your ankle and your heel so that you get just the right amount of protection without ever feeling constricted.

Construction materials on these Wilson shoes are a little heavier than some of the other options, though Wilson claims that this extra weight was necessary to add even more strength and even more durability. The built-in arch support on these shoes is pretty good, too, and the durable sole should last you at least six months of regular playtime – if not even longer.

Some customers did remark that the shoes can get warm during long matches and competition (especially in the summer). Others found the shoes to fit really well except for in the toe box area where things narrowed considerably. Your experience may vary.

Final Verdict

With so many different tennis shoe options to pick and choose from these days (including some great options that just barely missed our cut of the top five options for 2020) it can get a little overwhelming trying to sift through your choices.

Armed with the inside information above, though, you should have a pretty good head start on the research necessary to land a great pair of tennis shoes – especially if you want to make sure that your ankles are as protected as possible while you play.

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