Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

15 seconds left on the game clock. You’re dribbling down the court, feeling confident as you prepare to execute a legendary, game-winning lay-up.

Suddenly, the weak spot in your sneakers that you’ve been ignoring gives out. You’re sneakers snap in two, still on your foot, and the ball slips from your hand causing you to miss the shot.

We can help. Continue reading for the top five best outdoor basketball shoes for you.

5+ Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

5. Get Loco with Adidas’ Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive

Adidas’ Performance Crazy Explosive basketball sneakers for men are made of a variety of synthetic, feather-light materials for your ultimate performance on the court. With an ingenious lacing system, these sneakers wrap around your foot to relieve pressure and improve traction without adding pressure.

These high-top sneakers are available in 10 combinations of colors to match every uniform and outfit in your closet. The Crazy Explosive basketball sneakers from Adidas come with boost pods for responsive cushioning and a rubber outsole for better grip on the court

The biggest issue with these sneakers sit that the lace eyelets can tear after rigorous use.

Adidas’s Crazy Explosive basketball sneakers for men retail anywhere from $85.00 to $200.00

Bottom Line:

These shoes make the list for their 4.5 out of 5 star rating from 379 reviewers on Adidas’ online Amazon store.

Buyers agree, these shoes offer beyond “incredible support for your ankles and heels” and rival even the most expensive of competitor brands equivalents.

4. Get the Royal Treatment with Reebok’s Men’s Royal BB45000 Hi2

Reebok’s ROYAL BB 4500 Hi2 is a mid-cut basketball sneaker that is sure to improve your game while keeping your everyday look on point. Designed for athletic, leisure, and casual wear, these sneakers are made to keep you looking and playing your best.

Available in an unprecedented variety of 18 different colors, the Royal BB 4500 Hi2s can accommodate orthotics and inserts for maximum customization. These sneakers also feature an abrasion-resistant rubber outsole for durabilityand a removable EVA foam sockliner. The biggest complaint for verified purchasers of the Royal BB 4500 Hi2s is that the sneakers have a relatively thin sole cushion.

These stunner sneaks from Reebok retail for around $50.00 – $70.00 in the United States.

Bottom Line:

The Men’s Royal BB4500 Hi2 Sneaker from Reebok have a ridiculous 1,173 ratings on Amazon and have earned 4.5 out of 5 stars.

One reviewer on Amazon states, “They are stylish but functional and are very, very comfortable.” Many reviewers also make note of the classic design allowing for easy transition from athletic use to everyday wear.

3. Ball Like the Pros in Nike Men’s Mamba Rage Basketball Shoes

The Men’s Mamba Rage Basketball Shoes from Nike honor the memory of the Black Mamba himself, Kobe Bryant, with relentless innovation in performance. These sneakers use fly weave upper construction and a micro-tuned outsole pattern, to consistently deliver breathability and targeted support for your feet and ankles.

Using advanced drop-in Lunarlon foam midsoles and micro-tread traction technology, Nike has created a fitting tribute to honor the legacy of Kobe Bryant.

The Mamba Rage sneakers from Nike Rank at number #19 in Amazon’s best sellers of Men’s Basketball Shoes and come in 10 colors for you to chose from.

Additionally, they use a unique solid rubber sole with beveled ribbing for better traction and grip. However, some buyers did report that they were unhappy with the thickness of the bottom of the sneaker because of solid sole.

You can pick up a pair of Nike Mamba Rage sneakers for anywhere from $70.00 to $350.00.

Bottom Line:

Nike’s Mamba Rage Basketball Sneakers have over 500 Amazon customer reviews and a 4.5 out of 5 star rating.

One happy customer on Amazon boasts, “These shoes do not only make you look incredibly cool, but they are so light that you actually feel as if you can run faster than normal.”

In addition to improving your speed on the court, the Mamba Rage Basketball Sneakers from Nike are an excellent way to honor Kobe Bryant while you play.

2. Kick It Old School with Nike Men’s Air Jordan 1 Retro

The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG from Nike brings the classic Air Jordan sneaker into today’s basketball courts. Made with full-grain leather and top-quality satin, these sneakers provide comfortable cushioning and lightweight support and stability on and off the courts.

The pinnacle of luxury and performance, the Jordan 1 Retro High OGs from Nike are a fresh take on an iconic shoe. Maintaining the same profile and stitch detailing as original Air Jordans, the Jordan 1 Retro High OGS are available in over 20 color combinations.

This sleek set of sneakers uses the same Air-Sole unit used by Michael Jordan when he played professionally, so it makes sense that they would be relatively expensive when compared to others on this list. These sneakers can sell online and in stores from $140.00 to as high as an incredible $840.00!

Bottom Line:

In addition to a score of 4.6 out of 5 stars and over 200 ratings on Amazon, the Nike Air Jordan 1 Retros have over 190 reviews on the official Nike website and a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

A customer on Nike’s official website left a glowing review stating “The tumbled leather of these and the shattered backboard away game help it mold to my feet so perfectly.” This sentiment is echoed throughout the majority of the reviews on Amazon as well, with verified purchasers writing “Really impressed with the build quality compared to what I normally buy in the same price range.”

1. The Best of the Best: Adidas Men’s Dame 5

Coming in at number one on our list are the Dame 5 sneakers from Adidas. Adidas co-created the Dame 5 series with pro basketball played Damian Lillard from the Portland Trail Blazers to make the supreme basketball performance sneaker.

The Dame 5 series from Adidas offers unparalleled traction and comfort without compromising on style, safety, or support. The unique herringbone rubber outsole out grips competitors for maximum traction, while the mid-top provides stability and support from ankle to arch.

Adidas’s Dame 5 sneakers also come with enhanced flexibility from bounce cushioning and have an ultra-soft padded internal pod system for comfort and reduced impact. We couldn’t find a single complaint about this sneaker, from design to performance, it’s the premium sports performance shoe on the market.

Up your basketball game with a pair of Dame 5s for as low as $35.00 or as much as $260.00 a pair.

Bottom Line:

Adidas’ Dame 5 series has more than earned its spot on this list with over 500 combined ratings from the official Adidas website and the Adidas online Amazon store. These sneakers have the highest ratings of any featured here with a remarkable 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

On the Adidas official website, a whopping 90% of buyers stated they would recommend the Dame 5 to a friend. One satisfied customer on Amazon says, “These are possibly the most comfortable basketball shoes I’ve ever had… I can not recommend these shoes more!”

Take Home Message

Using all of the research we’ve gathered and discussed, it can be said with definitive confidence that the Dame 5 series from Adidas is currently the best outdoor basketball shoe of 2020. With its unrivaled value, special features, and sleek looks, the Dame 5 is the best sneaker to improve your game today.

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