Best Nike Tennis Shoes

Trying to find the best Nike tennis shoes money can buy today is never as easy as looking for the Nike swoosh and then calling it a day.

No, different Nike tennis shoe models are going to offer a different level of fit and finish depending on the type of tennis you are going to play – hard court surfaces, grass, and play.

On top of that, you need to think about whether you’re looking for a shoe designed to last through prolonged training sessions or if you want something super lightweight and not quite as durable, but designed around dominating during competition.

But that’s why we have put together this quick guide.

At the end of the day, you aren’t going to be able to go wrong with any of the top Nike tennis shoe options available in 2020. The company pours everything they have into these shoes, giving athletes the best opportunity to succeed.

It all comes down to finding the right option for you specifically. Let’s get started.

5+ Best Nike Tennis Shoes

Nike Air Monarch IV Cross Trainers

These cross trainers are going to work just as well on grass tennis courts as they will on play or on hard surfaces, but are also going to work wonderfully whether you are using them to train or using them and competition.

Super comfortable, they have a bit of a heavier frame around them – but that’s only because the cushioning is a little bit on the overstuffed side of things to really lock your feet into place. A pylon midsole helps to make sure that your feet are always fresh when you are playing, helping to cut down on fatigue and helping to protect you from injury as well.

The traction pattern is pretty rock solid as well, and the multi patterned rubber outsole is something that you will be able to depend on for many matches to come.

Customers do wish that they were little bit sleeker and available in a couple of other colorways, but for the most part these are great tennis shoes that you will be able to dominate in for sure. Perhaps better for training and for more casual tournaments, they also do a solid job as “walking around” shoes and running shoes, too.

Nike Court Lite Tennis Shoes

These Nike tennis shoes are not designed for tennis players that want a pair of shoes they can use for hours and hours on end every single day while they train. They just don’t have that kind of durability or that kind of strength to them.

On the other hand, though, these shoes are specifically designed for tennis players that are looking for something super lightweight and highly mobile while offering plenty of stability and strength for athletes that are playing competitively or in a tournament.

Yes, the life of these shoes isn’t going to be quite as impressive as some of the other more heavy duty tennis shoes you’ll find on this list – but they weren’t designed to last that long on purpose.

Customers find these shoes to deliver in the performance department across the board, thanks to lightweight synthetic materials, pylon midsole perforations, and a tight fit that never feels constricting but always feels safe and secure.

If you’re serious about competing at the highest levels these are definitely some of the best Nike tennis shoes money can buy.

Nike Air Zoom Resistance Tennis Shoes

The internal bootie system of these Nike tennis shoes is what helps them to separate from the rest of the pack, a bootie system that offers a skyhigh level of comfort and stability.

The shoes are going to feel like they are sitting right up against your feet, tight but never constricting. You’ll feel like you have a lot of freedom and a lot of mobility while you are playing tennis with these strapped to your feet, enjoying a lot more control and a lot more stability than you might have got with more traditional options.

A leather outlining material helps to protect these shoes during particularly aggressive competitions or practice sessions, shielding you from injury while at the same time increasing the durability of these tennis shoes along the way.

Most customers wish that they were available in a couple of different colorways and styles and maybe weren’t quite as heavy as they are, but other than that most people really appreciate these Nike shoes for what they are able to bring to the table..

Nike Zoom Cage 3 Tennis Shoes

If speed is your game – and you have plenty of power and aggressiveness in the way that you’d like to play tennis – you are going to want to zero in on the Zoom Cage 3 tennis shoes from the folks at Nike.

A very solid and stable shoe that still remains relatively lightweight, the external heel clip (molded heel clip) protects and shields your heel and your ankle from injury while also acting as a foundation for some of your more powerful movements on the court.

Nike engineers really wanted to create a shoe that had just the right amount of traction to allow athletes to glide around the court with ease, stop on a dime, pivot and return a volley with extreme power and aggressiveness. They smashed it out of the park with these tennis shoes.

Filled top to bottom with the kind of proprietary Nike materials and technology you’d expect from this legendary athletic equipment manufacturer, these are right up there amongst the very best Nike tennis shoes available and certainly well worth your consideration.

Nike Air Zoom Prestige Tennis Shoes

Another low-profile tennis shoe from Nike, you don’t have to sacrifice protection or stability with these low tops the way you might have in the past.

That’s because Nike engineers have found a way to shield and protect your heels and your ankles without having to completely wrap them up with a lot of extra material that might limit your mobility or your flexibility on the court.

Pylon midsole materials, TPU construction components, and XDR rubber systems are used throughout – all combined with other proprietary Nike technology (including flywire material) – to guarantee that you are able to get the most out of these shoes every single time you step on the court.

Most of the reviews online speak in glowingly positive terms regarding the cushioning and impact absorption of these shoes, the fit (particularly for those that have wider feet), and a breathable mesh system that keeps you comfortable even when you are playing in the summer heat or for extended amounts of time.

Final Verdict

Tennis players are (understandably) very demanding when it comes to the shoes that they are wearing every single time they play or practice.

Many of the top ATP Tour professionals around the world choose Nike shoes more often than not, and that’s not just because this is such a well-known and well-regarded company.

It’s because Nike makes high-performance footwear for serious athletes looking to take their game to new levels – and that’s what you’ll get with each and every one of our picks for the five best Nike tennis shoes available in 2020.

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