Best Low Top Basketball Shoes

As we review the top 5 best low top basketball shoes, there will be a variety of things looked at. These shoes have been hand-picked from a pool of 100’s of potential shoes. Overall comfort, style, and rigidity, these shoe will be criticized in order to find the best quality for you.

Now these shoes are from no particular brand, there will also be no discrimination. Whether you are a fan of Nike, or a diehard Asics wearer, we will find the best shoes for you. While reviewing we like to look for the best of the best. With that being said, the site reviews are very important when grading whether or not a shoe can make it on this exclusive list.

Brand Identity is one thing, but comfort and usability is another. Don’t let loyalty to a brand give you years of sore feet! Would you want to go up for a lay-up in a pickup game with your friends and lost a shoe sole? We think NOT.

Don’t settle for less, check out the top 5 best low top basketball shoes 2020!

5+ Best Low Top Basketball Shoes

1. Nike KD 8 Men’s Basketball Shoes

Featuring over 10 different colorways, the KD 8 is one of the most eyecatching shoes that you can buy. This shoe has wowed crowds of thousands as NBA players league-wide have worn this famous shoe.

Created with a synthetic blend by the engineers over at Nike, this shoe is one of the more lightweight, sturdy designs. Fast cuts, post ups, and strides will be maxed out when you wear a pair of these.

These shoes just simply do what they are required to do. They will not let you down on the court either, as these are Kevin Durant’s signature shoes. One way to feel the sense of control is to ball out in them one good time.

Like seriously, take them out and put them to the test. Most people say these feel so much better after you break them in. Don’t waste your time, check out these low top basketball shoes and decide!


  • Lightweight shoe
  • Very tough design that holds up well
  • Work well when used for other sports
  • Great for casual or aggressive play
  • Really comfortable


  • Colors don’t suit taste
  • Sizing has been one of the complaints
  • Fair amount of copycat designs available
  • Shoe looks long

2. Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus

This shoe is from Kobe Bryant’s signature line and has been evolving over the years since the earlier releases. The earlier renditions from the 2000’s will make you take a double look at these Mambas.

You will be thankful during the summer months for the mesh design on the Kobe Mamba Focus Lows. No longer do you have to deal with hot, sweaty feet. These shoes use material that accelerates air circulation during peak times.

A Zoom Air unit is in alignment with the outsole, and this gives the shoe a timely response. Don’t be fooled by the relative generic approach as some may say. This shoe is a stylish reminder that there are pretenders and then you have the real deal. This shoe is the real deal.

Kobe Bryant’s signature shoe continues to inspire many to hit the courts and work on their game. One look at the various colorways give you many options to consider when matching your shoes to your workout gear.


  • Fast response for cuts on the court
  • Great looking shoe that is perfect for casual wear
  • Major support for a low top basketball shoe
  • Mesh design allows feet to breathe


  • Size is not found to be labeled on some shoes
  • Not as many colorways as some may want

3. Jordan Air Men’s Retro 11 Low

This is the shoe that debuted during the 1995- 1996 season and instantly became an icon. Michael Jordan himself said that he wanted a shoe that could be punished on court, but also great for formal occasions as well.

These shoes are not your average basketball shoes, and this is why there are so many variations across the internet on prices and availability. Finding the perfect color and finding it for the perfect price takes time and a lot of clicks. Thankfully we have done all of the hardest parts for you, and introduce one of the best top 5 low top basketball shoes for 2020.

Featuring patent leather from the toe, stretching all the way to the heel, this definitely sealed the deal as a shoe that would be fine as any event. Today there are hundreds of designs and patterns for this very shoe.

How does a shoe like this stand up to the years? Being one of the most iconic best low basketball shoes wasn’t easy. To look good is one thing, to perform is another. This is one example of how you can succeed at both effortlessly.


  • Women have called this shoe “cute”
  • Patent leather protects shoe from many abrasions
  • Comfortable and lightweight shoe for all occasions
  • On time, fast delivery across the USA
  • Most popular shoe on the market


  • Sizing issues for some ½ size orders
  • Finding available colorways can get a little pricey

4. Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4

While Under Armour may not be on the top of your list for best low top basketball shoes, have no fear. These shoes have been tested on NBA courts day in and day out. They are 100% synthetic giving you great quality for the best price.

A lightweight, breathable sock liner is a new addition that will make a huge difference. It is reported that a majority of foot issues comes from having too much moisture in shoes. Don’t let your feet get wet, use these new additions for added comfort.

You can get your Under Armour Men’s Lockdown best low top basketball shoes 2020 right now in just about any size. There are plenty of options in larger sizes as well. This is a great shoe for games, practice, or anywhere in between.


  • Very comfortable insoles in these shoes
  • Comfortable fit reported by most owners
    Great low cut basketball shoe for the price


  • No sports team colorways
  • Not mesh on the exterior of the main shoe
  • Complain about the size being narrow

5. Fila Men’s Bank Basketball Shoes

Now I know what you have to be thinking right now. Where did you find such an admirable basketball shoe, right? Don’t think that we don’t notice the obvious, but again this is the best low top basketball shoes 2020 .

This shoe is 100% leather and comes with the EVA rubber sole for fast paced games. The rubber outsole also give a great deal of stability with additional traction. Pivoting is no longer an issue with this low cut design.

Fila happens to be an Italian company and that is something that most people don’t know. The materials in their shoes are some of the highest grade found on the market. Quality craftsmanship makes all of the difference when looking for a great basketball shoe.


  • Very good looking shoe for the money
  • Not only good for basketball, many applications
  • Surprisingly good performance on the basketball court
  • Great for grilling Dads


  • White pair runs slightly smaller
  • Some people say they fit just a little tight
  • Ordering a size up is the only option


While sizing may have been an issue for some of you before, trust that these shoes are available in sizes from men’s 7 to 16. All reviews are above average and this is one way for you to know that you are looking at a highly rated product.

A good idea when ordering online is to order with a true measurement of your foot size. Be sure to get the sized for left and right as both are not always the same length. There have been reports of differences of over an inch in some cases!

These shoes are definitely proven basketball shoes, but these applications also expand to outside of the court. You can wear these shoes on your next date, to events, and your can even work in them if you choose to do so.

While everyone doesn’t play basketball, you can still wear basketball shoes. These are for fashion, everyday wear, and of course the court. Don’t let the styles fool you, all 5 of these brands of some of the toughest low tops that you can find on the market today.

Low tops, while providing less support than high tops, can still be very sturdy shoes. Think about whether or not you are ready to wear low tops before purchasing. High tops and low top shoes definitely have major differences, so take precaution before hopping on that basketball court!

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