Best High Top Basketball Shoes

What are high-top shoes? These are shoes that go slightly above the ankle of the wearer. While it is very common in basketball shoes, these can sometimes get confused with the similar mid-top.

There are also shoes like ankle boots that can sometimes be confused with high tops. Some popular high tops are the All-Stars by Converse, The Nike Air Force Collection, and many Jordan brands. While it is one of the more popular styles of shoes, they can sometimes be found in casual settings.

What is the best design for high-top shoes?

While the more popular examples of high tops were mentioned above, there is an overall style that is common in many of these brands. You have the lace up option, and then you have what is called the “slip-on” option. These shoes began to come back into popularity during the mid 2010s.

Shopping for high-top shoes

If you are looking for the best pair of high tops, then first you should begin with a measurement. The coolest shoes will be nothing but trophies if you cannot fit them. Take an exact measurement of your feet (length and width) then proceed to browsing.

When looking for shoes, it is important to distinguish whether they are fitting true to size or not. If a shoe fits true to size, then there is no room for error in your measurements. Most folks will get a half size larger just to have that extra wiggle room.

5+ Best High Top Basketball Shoes

1. Adidas Men’s Pro Next 2019

The Adidas Men’s Pro Next 2019 was a shoe designed specifically with performance in mind. The simplicity of the outsole makes for a stunning uptake on the lower rear quarter. Noting that many of these particular shoes come with a variety of classic colorways is another reason to check them out.

Featuring a synthetic-mesh design with imported materials means that this shoe can handle the basketball court and also the workplace. You can get away with dunking those documents into the shredder with these badboys. The lightweight shoe is perfect for any foot that may be affected by low arch.

The support is world renown as Adidas has influenced many brands with their strength in support. These shoes are built for comfort and grip and will exceed the expectations of the simple design.


  • Trendy and unique
  • Can definitely wear casually
  • Great choice for competitive play
  • Flexible Material


  • Sizing
  • Fits regular
  • Box

2. Nike Men’s Air Force Max

Nike has been in the game for a long time, as many professional sports are sponsored by them. There is no reason why it would be hard to believe that Nike would be a go to for the most famous athletes in the world. Knowing this, many will choose Nike over any other brand without hesitation.

What separates Nike from the competition is shoes like the Nike Air Force Max. These basketball shoes have years of experience on every basketball court in the world. Whether you are balling in France, or shooting some hoops in south Georgia, these kicks are some of the most famous high tops.

The design is leather and synthetic with the outer being a durable suede composition. While they are quite stylish, this does not diminish the fact that they are vicious on the court. Early 90s legends have been put in the history books wearing these shoes, that is how serious they are.

On another note, these basketball shoes provide great support to the ankle as well as the arch. Flat feet are great for these shoes, and wide sizes are available. There are also many colorways to choose from, so check some of them out!


  • Nike support and cushion
  • Suede outer looks great off the bball court
  • Timeless design


  • Outside of shoe gets dirty easily
  • Some can’t appreciate the design

3. Under Armour Curry 4

This shoe by Stephen Curry features a rubber sole with an expanded outer. The high top design protects and delivers solid comfort.

While the design is a change from the original, the new steps can be appreciated from a support standpoint. No one wants a shoe to give out on them on the court, so this support comes in clutch.

When the multi hole design was introduced, many wondered how it would translate on the court. This worked out well as they provided more grip when running and cutting.


  • Supportive upper
  • New Design on lower sole
  • Easy breathable design


  • Too high on ankle
  • Design doesn’t suit taste

4. Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Zero

This shoe was before the famous Curry 4 and featured a completely different design. While the shoe looks a little shorter, it still has all of the aspects that one would need to achieve the best support and comfort on the basketball court.

Knowing how important arch support is, these provide plenty of it. With textile as the material chosen for these shoes, comfort was of utmost importance. These shoes give the wearer a sense of security along with a lightweight shell.

The protection for the upper ankle is evident and that is why that part of the design was enhanced upon for the Curry 4. These shoes can provide comfort to people who have wide feet, and those with arch support issues. Be sure to get the exact sizing as these shoes are not advertised as true to size.


  • Great for ballers
  • Set the standard for the Curry 4s
  • Many colors to choose form
  • Fit very well on first try


  • Basic design
  • Poor choice of heel

5. Fila Men’s Spaghetti Basketball Shoes

For the folks who didn’t know that Fila made basketball shoes, the 2010’s are calling. These shoes set the standard for many styles and designs that we know and love. There are probably photos of your favorite celebrity wearing a pair of these back in the 90’s.

These shoes will put the wearer in a state of comfort, and the white pair even makes it look like you are walking on clouds. The shoes come in a handful of colors, but the white shoe does look the best. From a buyers perspective, it’s hard to say you can get more bang for the buck elsewhere.

Fila has been in the basketball game for years, and have finally gone back to their roots. The Fila Spaghetti Hightop basketball shoe will stand the test of time, on concrete or the hardwood.


  • Features great styling
  • Classic shoe from classic brand
  • Many new additions for FILA


  • Look like the Lebrons
  • The whites are the best colorway


These shoes are the Top 5 high top basketball shoes for 2020. Featuring some of the most famous brands with many timeless designs, you can be assured that the top 5 is exclusive.

These shoes have met some of the highest standards in the real game, and on many courts across the world. From the crossover specialist to the 3 point shooter, there are many options for any level of baller to choose from.

Can’t pick based off of images? These reviews are compiled from actual purchases. That’s right, you get reviews from people who have actually bought and worn the very shoes that are being reviewed.

You don’t have to worry, you are getting the best high top basketball shoes for the best prices when you use our comparisons and reviews. Overall the classic shoes seem to be some of the best sellers, as there is a revival in 90’s styles and fashion.

No one may know which way the fashion world is going, but one thing about a good pair of shoes is that they are always good. Never will an Air Max not be an Airmax. That familiar feeling that you get from your favorite pair of sneakers is echoed worldwide.

Be sure to get your exact measurement when shopping on line, since there may be variations in sizing depending on the brand. Some shoes runs smaller, and other shoes can sometimes run larger. There are many different ways to do this.

A tape measure is a quick and easy way to check to ensure you are getting the right size shoe. Measure length and width, then compare with the measurements online. Then you will be able to find out if the shoe ships true to size, or regular size.

A true to size fit simply means that there will be not extra room, and that the shoe size is more exact. Knowing this can help save a TON of money!

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