Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

Finding any kind of footwear that fits wider feet well can be a bit of an uphill battle, but finding the best golf shoes for wide feet is even more challenging than that. Well, at least it used to be.

Today, all of the top golf footwear and apparel manufacturers produce fantastic shoes specifically designed for golfers that have wider feet than average. It used to be that you had to slam your feet into narrow shoes and just sort of got it out for 18 holes but that’s no longer the case.

At the same time, not all of the golf shoes out there created with wider feet golfers in mind are worth investing in. But that’s why we’ve put together this quick guide.

Below we touch on the top five best golf shoes for wide feet in 2020, helping you zero in on a pair of shoes that will help you get around the course more comfortably while at the same time helping you to score lower, too.

5+ Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

1. Adidas Tech Response

These golf shoes from Adidas look a lot like the running shoes or crosstraining shoes that they make as well, and that’s because a lot of the same proprietary engineering and technology in those shoes have made it over to the golf version.

With a simple, clean, and timeless design that you’d expect from Adidas these shoes take advantage of microfiber leather materials and lightweight mash (a 75/25% ratio, respectively) to provide a lot of strength and stability while at the same time making sure your feet are comfortable every round.

Six spike configurations guarantee that you have traction on the course, and a low profile overall design helps them look smart with any of your favorite golf outfits. Combine that with a wider fit (especially in the midfoot section) and you’ll find these to be heaven for your feet when you’re climbing hills, jumping out of bunkers, and knocking down shots from all over the course.

Customer reviews are (unsurprisingly) very positive, just as they are for any other pair of Adidas sports focused footwear options. The lightweight materials and breathability something brought up in most every review.

2. Callaway Balboa

It’s been a few years since Callaway has made golf shoes worth wearing (particularly if you have wider feet), but the company is going through a bit of a renaissance these days and pros like Phil Mickelson have been wearing these on their feet for a little while now.

The design of the shoe is super minimalistic and a bit basic, but it’s going to be just at home in the clubhouse as it would be out on the course. Multidirectional traction lugs are replacing traditional cleats here which means you’ll be able to go from the course to the clubhouse (and back again) without any trouble, too.

Proprietary OPTiSoft EVA midsole materials help to cushion and cradle your feet from top to bottom, especially in the midsole area where you want a bit of extra width. The toe box itself is also pretty wide, nice change from previous versions of the shoe.

Customers love the EVA sock liner, the proprietary midsole material, and the traction system that allows them to wear these golf shoes indoors and out without any trouble.

3. ECCO Biom Hybrid 3

If you’re looking for a bit of extra stability out of your golf shoes while at the same time looking for a pair that will fit athletes with wider feet it’s tough to get any better than these.

This manufacturer has overhauled their “flagship” pair of golf shoes from top to bottom for 2020, building some of the best golf shoes for wide feet ever made.

Super comfortable and very durable, these shoes use yak leather throughout the outsole (100% leather, in fact) to give you a bit of extra durability as well as a classic look that more technical materials just aren’t able to match.

There’s a shaft running through these shoes that gives a more natural fit through the low top and the arch, and the natural motion technology used to engineer these shoes provide a more anatomical fit for those with wider feet that want more stability and control on each of their golf shots.

4. FootJoy Arc SI

One of the bestselling pairs of golf shoes year in and year out, these FootJoy shoes are specifically intended for athletes with wider feet that want a casual shoe that looks great and performs well all over the course.

Made from textile materials and technical fabrics that have been mated to a synthetic sole, there’s a tiny half-inch platform built into the heel to provide a bit of extra support that only a handful of other goal shoes use – but something that changes the way they feel almost entirely.

Proprietary Active Advanced Response Cushion midsole materials are going to envelope your feet without ever feeling stiff or constricting, even if you have wider feet than other athletes. The break-in period with these shoes only takes about two or three rounds, too.

Customers report that these shoes are so comfortable that they love to get them without any spikes and without any traction material on the bottom just so that they could wear them casually around town. You can’t go wrong with that!

5. Nike Lunar Control II

Another of the perennial best-selling pairs of golf shoes (thanks in large part to golfers like Tiger Woods wearing them on a consistent basis), these shoes from Nike are everything you’d expect from the footwear titan – filled to the brim with modern technology and top-tier engineering while using the latest and greatest in construction materials.

A big step forward from the previous Lunar Control golf shoes (which were already pretty great), these shoes are pretty sleek, very modern, and have a decidedly aggressive aesthetic to them that give you extra confidence on the course.

Unlike a lot of other Nike shoes that run pretty narrow these are some of the best golf shoes for wide feet athletes to be sure, with plenty of room to wiggle around while not feeling sloppy during your golf game, either.

Customer reviews speak in glowing terms regarding the high performance capabilities of these shoes, feeling like they are an extension of their clubs, their balls, and their gloves in helping them score lower time after time.

Final Verdict

When you get right down to it the shoes you have on your feet while playing golf are going to have a huge impact on how well you score.

If your feet feel great the odds are pretty good you’re going to sink more birdies than you would have otherwise. You’re able to generate more power, you’ll have more accuracy, and you’ll enjoy your day out on the links a lot more, too.

Athletes serious about getting their hands on the best goal shoes for wide feet are going to want to take a close look at all five of the options we broke down above.

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