Best Basketball Shoes Under 100 Dollars

There’s no worse feeling in the world as an athlete than giving your absolute all and getting let down by the gear or equipment your depending on helping you dominate.

And while there are a lot of people out there that think basketball shoes are designed for nothing more than cool looks and modern designs, they are actually a critical piece of basketball equipment that you need to take seriously.

The basketball shoes that you strap on your feet are going to have a huge impact on how well you play.

Great shoes are going to fit well, are going to give you plenty of extra traction on the court without making you feel like you are running around in glue, are going to protect you from injury, and are going to help you make the most of your athletic talent and the practice time you’ve put in.

Below we highlight our five favorite basketball shoes for less than $100, giving you a good idea of what you can get on the market today without having to spend a small fortune. These are the kinds of shoes you’ll be able to depend on to help take your game to the next level, that’s for sure!

5+ Best Basketball Shoes Under 100 Dollars

Nike Air Versatile II Basketball Shoes

Nobody should be surprised that a pair of Nike basketball shoes would land on any favorites list, but there are probably a lot of people out there surprised that you can get a great pair of Nike basketball shoes for less than $100.

These shoes feature gorgeous design elements that are sleek and very modern while maintaining a lot of that “retro feel” that Nike has been working into their basketball lineup for a couple of years now.

Filled to the brim with proprietary Nike engineering and technical materials (like the Air Soul beneath the heel to protect your foot after every jumper), fly wire elements can be found throughout to provide a much better fit and finish than what you’d find elsewhere.

The quality of these Nikes is off the charts, to the point where it wouldn’t be at all unreasonable for them to cost at least twice as much as they do.

Customers love these Nikes not only for the way they look before the way they feel and their ability to help lessen fatigue while playing, critically important for those that love to get up shots in the gym or outside for hours and hours on end.

Under Armour NXT Basketball Shoes

Under Armour has absolutely smashed it out of the park with these basketball shoes, featuring a relatively low profile design while at the same time offering the kind of ankle and heel support you get from traditional high tops.

These shoes just look like they would cost a whole lot more than they do, with aesthetics that have and edgy and aggressive design style that all help you intimidate your opponents.

The entire upper is made out of technical fabrics and synthetic materials pioneered by Under Armour, with a rubber outsole that have features a traction pattern designed to help you stick to the court while having a bit of extra bounce when you pull up and shoot, too.

The breathability and lightweight design elements of these basketball shoes are always something that customers mention. The way they fit in the speed lacing system are other elements that people really love when reviewing these UA options.

ANTA Klay Thompson KT3 Playoffs Low Basketball Shoes

Ranking right up there with the Under Armour shoes from his fellow splash brother, Klay Thompson came out with his own shoe lineup a couple of years ago and saw almost overnight success with a company – ANTA – that most American customers hadn’t even heard of before.

The thing that is going to strike you most about these shoes is that they have such a clean look and such an aggressive style that you’d expect them to come from somebody like Adidas or Nike. Instead, this relative newcomer to the American basketball shoe industry has put this design together – marrying that modern look with highly technical fabrics (including mesh and synthetics) that give you a lot of freedom and a lot of stability you might not have seen with other shoes.

The outsole is made of a mixture of EVA, TPU, and rubber construction materials. This gives you a little bit of extra stability and security when you are running up and down the court, lessening the impact of fatigue while at the same time lowering your risk of injury.

Adidas N3xt L3v3l Basketball Shoes

Adidas pulled out all the stops with this (still relatively affordable) very premium basketball shoe, helping you to feel like you are running around barefoot while still protecting your feet from injury and from impact while going up and down the court.

This was not an easy thing to balance, that’s for sure. But the folks at Adidas have pulled it off spectacularly – putting together a shoe that looks great and performs even better at all levels of basketball.

Technical fabrics and materials throughout the shoe maintain a relatively lightweight feel without sacrificing stability or protection. If you’ve ever twisted an ankle when you were playing basketball and wished you had a bit of extra support these are going to be shoes that you want to snap up ASAP.

Customers speak in very positive terms about the durability of these shoes, even when playing basketball outdoors. You’ll get a little bit of extra life out of them when you are playing inside (of course), but you don’t have to worry about burning these shoes up while playing outside, either.

Nike Kyrie 3 Hight Top Lace Up Basketball Shoes

Kyrie Irving may have started to bounce around teams a little bit (going from Cleveland to Boston and now to Brooklyn) but the only bouncing you are going to do in these basketball shoes is on the court as you skyrocket up to the hoop for a jam or to steal a rebound.

These shoes give Irving the kind of crazy handles he has to make opponents look foolish, with plenty of traction so that you can slash and dash throughout the defense just the same way that he does.

Combine that with a relatively low-key look and a minimalist style that really helps your athletic talents and basketball ability steal the show and it’s easy to see why customers all over the world love these shoes from Nike.

Most reviews mention how lightweight these shoes are, how durable the construction materials are, and how fast these shoes make them feel. You’re going to love running up and down the court with these on your feet.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, you need the right basketball shoes to help you play to your abilities.

If you want shoes that are going to improve your time spent practising – with benefits that transfer over into game time action – and look amazing without spending a fortune along the way, these are the five options you’ll want to consider right now.

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