Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

We are reviewing some of the top 5 men’s basketball shoes that are designed to comfort wider feet. These shoes are tested and reviewed for 4.5 stars or higher so that you know that you are getting the best deals along with the highest quality.

Whether you are a full time baller, or a weekend hooper, these shoes will provide comfort to your feet, ankles, and knees. No more worrying about whether or not you need to take an extra pair of shoes to the basketball court.

You will find that this selection that we have assembled will feature some of the best designs, and popular brands like Nike, Under Armour, Jordan, and so much more!

Check out the selection below as we have searched for and wide for what we think is the top 5 best basketball shoes for people who happen to have wider feet. Don’t let anyone sell you on a tight fitting pair of “cool” shoes. Shop today and find some of the best new designs for the best prices.

Just because you have wide feet it doesn’t mean you can ball in style. Find some of these color combinations and you will be thrilled when you make your purchase. Featured are some of the top shoes with some worn and designed by actual NBA players.

5+ Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

1. Adidas Men’s Dame 5

These shoes are made from a synthetic blend that will give you some of the best durability while still feeling light on your feet. The Adidas Dame 5 are basketball shoes that come with a superior arch support.

This support is really helpful to those with wider feet as they give more support to the insole. Known as being “made to play fresh out of the box, these are Damian Lilliard’s signature shoes.

The colorways feature up to date styling and design elements that really work your look to the fullest. Don’t miss out on the updated bounce mid-sole for lightweight cushioning and stability.

Dame “Dolla” takes his lethal ability on the court and puts it all into his signature shoe, as the Dame 5 has been flying off of the shelves since it was released. The instincts that are on the court have now been branded on this shoe!


  • Good shoes with good grip for hooping
  • Well built and everything that was expected
  • Fast delivery and perfect fit


  • Styles and colors are not always pleasing
  • May not be a solid fit for everyone
  • Lightweight design overtakes simplicity

2. Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus

Kobe Bryant was a legend on the court as well as off of the court. His signature shoe has been around for some time and is highly touted as one of the best on and off the court.

Tune into an NBA game and you will see dozens of players sporting the Kobe Mamba Focus shoe. This is no fluke, they know that the design is for quick cuts, longevity, and piston-like responsiveness.

When it comes to wider feet, these shoes give many sizing options. The low cut focused on the rapid movements and comfort. There are tons of reviews from folks who bought these shoes and simply enjoy just walking in them.

The “Black Mamba” Kobe Bryant will always be remembered for his tenacity and grit on the court, but the designs of his shoes are timeless. These will make you feel elite whether you are playing in the neighborhood, or for your college team.


  • Look great when worn
  • Work well playing competively
  • Perfect fit & Legendary status


  • May not suite the traditional baller
  • Good for wide feet, not large ankles
  • Fast moves, but low ankle support

3. Nike Air Force 1 High

We have liftoff! The Nike Air Force 1 is a classic shoe made by Nike that has been around for YEARS. The reason this shoe is a top seller is the fact that the design is timeless.

What is a timeless design without technology? The Nike Air Force 1 was the first ever to include the famed “Air” technology that the company is known for. While the shoe was designed in 1982 by Bruce Kilgore, it is still one of the most popular today.

Although they may not be the top choice for hoopers today, you can still max and relax with the classic shoe that started all of the craze. These shoes are definitely timeless, and the comfort can carry your through a marathon or a 12 hour shift.

These shoes are so popular for many because of the comfort. Try on a pair of Nike Air Force 1’s and you will see what the hype is all about!


  • Great on the bball court
  • Fits amazing on wide feet
  • Classic shoe that everyone will recognize
  • Tested since 1982, so you have a wealth of years experience


  • Outdated design
  • Since it was made in 1982, new shoes outshine these
  • Comfortable, but considered outdated in some circles

4. Nike Men’s Jordan Jumpman Pro

Full-grain leather along with a synthetic upper gives 90’s vibes as these Jumpman Pros are definitely back for 2020. One of the Jordan Brand’s most famous shoes, these are feared on the basketball court and admired at any event.

You can turn a trip to the grocery store into game 6 of the NBA finals when you get your pair of Jumpmans. The mesh tongue lets your feet breath, while the TPU midfoot shank provides support for any moves that you need to make.

Even though these shoes were designed in the 90’s, they have not lost their edge. You can see by the reviews that people still love the Jordan inspired design featured on these kicks.

Don’t forget that these shoes are designed by the G.O.A.T. himself, so be sure to find your size today. If you need sizing assistance, click the link included below!


  • Legendary Jumpman logo and design aesthetics
  • Known as “the real thing” on basketball courts
  • Leather gives an added appeal to the style
  • Tested by the G.O.A.T.


  • A little bit of stretch has been reported by some
  • Not the best shoes for wide feet all feet all day
  • Design has been called dated by some circles

5. Under Armour Men’s Jet 2019

Under Armour has made it’s fair share of moves in the sneaker game over the paste decade. From Stephen Curry to others, these shoes have been battle tested night in and night out on the basketball court.

Featuring a leather and mesh design, the Under Armour Men’s Jet 2019 basketball shoe has a mid sole, and an internal heel counter that provides locked in support and fit.

These shoes are more affordable, and provide a similar level of comfort to the aforementioned shoes. Don’t let brand recognition be the deciding factor, although Under Armour has been climbing in the ranks, they are still dwarfed by Nike. While this is true, it does NOT mean that they do not make great shoes.

When it comes to wider feet, these shoes are definitely up for consideration as they are mids, leather, and also very durable. Durability tends to get overlooked when it comes to basketball shoes. No matter if you play or not, these shoes are made for everyday applications and give you the opportunity to do it in complete comfort.


  • Fast design and automatic buckets
  • These are wonderful for wide feet
  • Comfortable shoes for all sizes
  • Great to wear off the court
  • Wear these to the cookout


  • Feels like the cushioning could have been increased 10%
  • Not Nike by far, but definitely not BBB
  • Good for coming off of the bench
  • Price conscious shoe


Don’t worry about whether or not we will be able to find your particular size, as these shoes come in sized from 7 mens to 16. The available reviews are all rated over 4.5 stars, so this way you know you are getting a high rated product.

Most people who play basketball have suffered some sort of injury to their feet or ankles, it is almost unavoidable. Don’t complicate things by stuffing your feet into some tiny “hip” shoe.

When you have wide feet things can be a little different from a person with a “high arch”. Movements can become painful, and other issues can arise. If you have a pair of shoes that give zero support, the best thing to do is get a new pair.

People tend to forget the compound nature of the dangers or wearing shoes that are the wrong size. They impact your feet, and over time can cause you to have less use of many natural movements.

Don’t let this happen to you, shop today for some of the highest rated shoes for wide feet in 2020. The top 5 best basketball shoes for wide feet 2020 are here for you, don’t miss out on these sales!

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