Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball

Trying to find shoes specifically designed with volleyball athletes in mind first and foremost is a huge challenge – not to mention almost all of these very specific shoe designs cost a small fortune if you are able to track them down.

Thankfully though, when you switch gears and get your hands on the best basketball shoes that were just as well when playing volleyball you’re not only able to save a lot of hassle and a lot of headache but you’re able to save a lot of money most of the time, too.

In this quick guide we dive a little deeper into the top five best basketball shoes for volleyball 2020 manufacturers have to offer. By the time you’re done with the inside insight we highlight in this guide you’ll know exactly which pair of basketball shoes you’ll want to lace up the next time you are playing volleyball.

Let’s get right into it!

5+ Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball

Adidas Crazylight Boost

Maybe the best looking retro inspired volleyball shoes on the entire list, you are going to immediately fall head over heels in love with everything that these shoes bring to the table if you’re serious about dominating in the sport of volleyball.

Beloved by athletes that play on courts every day, these shoes are going to be able to provide you with a bit of extra cushion and a bit of extra support without bogging you down with a lot of weight along the way. Athletes regularly report that these shoes help them feel like they can play a lot longer than they would have been able to otherwise – all because of the way the extra cushion cradles their feet and cuts down on fatigue.

The only real knock against these shoes has been mentioned a couple of times on customer reviews, and that’s that the amount of ankle support you’re going to get with these Adidas boots leaves a little bit to be desired.

Aside from that, though, these basketball shoes are going to fit right in on a volleyball court.

Jordan Ultra Fly

It’s a little funny to think of someone like Michael Jordan playing volleyball competitively rather than dominating in basketball – not only in the NBA, but all over the world while playing on the Dream Team in the Olympics – but these Jordan shoes are going to help you do exactly that.

These aren’t just another pair of collectible Jordans (though like any other pair of Jordans they can fetch a pretty penny on the secondary market). They are specifically designed with athletes in mind, athletes that are looking to push their body and their talent as far as they can – all without having to worry about serious injury risk or fatigue setting in.

Featuring a hightop design style that almost every amazing pair of Jordans features as well, these shoes are super modern, super minimalistic, and have the kind of design that only the folks at Nike could have pulled off.

Combine that with great technical materials throughout (the kind of high quality materials you’d expect from the premium Jordan brand at Nike) and it’s not hard to understand why so many reviews love these as basketball and volleyball shoes.

Nike Hyperdunk X Team

If you want ups – the ability to leap in the air, hang there for longer than a second, and then smash the ball down on your opponents – without having to worry about your feet taking a beating every time you down these are going to be the shoes you’ll want to zero in on.

These are almost aggressive hightops, with more ankle and heel support than maybe any of the other shoes we have broken down on this quick list. Amazingly, though, you won’t have to worry about feeling like your shoes are holding you back or that they are weighing you down with these super hightops, either.

That’s because of the lightweight upper materials (synthetic mesh and technical fabrics) that Nike has been pioneering ever since day one. The super lightweight EVA/TPU rubber outsole is designed to give a bit of extra cushion with every footfall and landing while at the same time giving you plenty of traction so that you can stick and move during volleyball practice or competition.

The design can be a little bit hit or miss with some folks, but the overwhelming majority of customers in their reviews spoke in positive terms about the way these shoes looked – but even more importantly about the way these shoes felt.

These are designed with athletes in mind, especially athletes that need a bit of extra bounce. Volleyball players are going to love them.

Nike Men’s Mamba Rage Shoes

Kobe Bryant was an absolute legend in the NBA, one of the most dominant players that ever existed and an inspiration to millions.

This specific model of shoe was first made available just before Kobe was going to retire, designed by the craftsman at Nike to fully embrace the “mamba mentality” that made Kobe the superstar that he was right from the first time he stepped onto a professional basketball court.

Year after year these shoes continue to get released, and the Mamba Rage series features one of the coolest colorways and designs you’re going to get from a pair of Kobe sneakers. He maybe gone now (tragically) but if you’re serious about dominating on the volleyball court with that same mamba mentality Kobe created and fully embodied these are shoes you’ll want to wear.

Customers do report that finding a pair of these shoes can be a bit tougher now than ever before because of his tragic passing in early 2020. But if you’re lucky enough to find a pair snap them up ASAP – they’ll not only help you on the court but they are becoming pretty collectible, too.

Under Armour Curry 2

Another superstar in the NBA, Steph Curry just might be the best shooter that the basketball world has ever seen – and he isn’t anywhere close to calling it quits or hanging up his sneakers.

Super lightweight but still incredibly durable, the beautiful thing about these shoes from a volleyball standpoint is that they have been obviously designed to provide a bit of extra support in the heel and at the ankle without causing a lot of extra weight to be added along the way.

That extra bit of rubberized plastic key material has specific cutouts and is only added to structural components, keeping the weight to strength ratio very low without sacrificing the protection you’ll expect as an on the court athlete.

With plenty of springiness from throughout the shoe you won’t have to worry about getting up in the air and hitting your shots, and the extra cushioning throughout guarantees that you will be able to land softly after bumping, setting, or scoring without worry, too.

The majority of reviews out there for these shoes are glowingly positive, and not just from the fans of Curry himself. Real athletes – basketball and volleyball alike – love the way these shoes feel, the way they fit, and the way they perform when it matters most.

Final Verdict

Serious volleyball players that want to make sure the shoes they are wearing give them every opportunity to win – to dominate – without having to spend a small fortune on dedicated volleyball shoes will love these basketball sneakers.

Each and every one of them offer crossover appeal, can handle double duty as both basketball and volleyball equipment, and are going to make sure that you stay protected from lower body and especially ankle/heel injuries – all while looking really clean, really modern, and really fresh.

You can’t go wrong with any of the five basketball sneakers for volleyball players we reviewed above!

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