Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping

If you’ve dreamed about dunking on a regulation basketball hoop – not an eight footer, but the same hope that college and professional athletes dunk on all the time – but haven’t had the “hops” to get the job done, it might be the shoes that you are wearing.

No, the best basketball shoes for jumping available in 2020 aren’t going to immediately give you 15 or 16 inches to your vertical overnight. But they are going to help you bounce higher than you would have been able to with lesser shoes, and maybe that’s just enough to stop you from getting stuffed by the rim and instead give you that bit of lift you need to jam at home.

Obviously, you’re also going to want your basketball shoes to offer plenty of support while maximizing your vertical leap. You want something that feels good, something with plenty of cushion, and something with protection for your ankles and your heels – and that’s what all of the five options we highlight below bring to the table.

5+ Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping

Nike LeBron 17

There are only a handful of players in the game right now that are more fun to watch than Lebron, and no one was more exciting or more dominant when he was in his prime.

Maybe the best pure athlete that’s ever picked up a basketball – it’s almost impossible that a guy this big and this strong could run that fast and jump that high – has made a real case to belong on the Mount Rushmore of basketball legends, right up there with MJ and Kobe.

You won’t necessarily get the same game that Lebron has just by wearing these shoes but you are going to be able to jump quite a bit higher. Designed to work outdoors as well as indoors, the impact protection of these Nike shoes are off the charts but the extra spring in the toe box is what’s going to help you get a bit of extra height every time you take off.

Nike Zoom Rize

These old-school looking high tops have a very retro modernist kind of feel to them, a perfect blend of the classic cool looks of the 70s and the 80s matched with modern materials and design principles that set them apart from pretty much everything else out there on the market today.

Featuring Nike’s proprietary herringbone traction pattern on the bottom of these shoes you’re going to have all the grip and traction you need to fly around the court with confidence, knowing that when you step up to drain a jumper, to pull down a rebound, or to slam one home you’re going to be able to do so from a rock solid foundation.

The cushioning throughout these shoes is extra bouncy, providing quite a bit of stability and impact absorption but also making sure that you are able to squeeze a little bit of extra verticality out of your game on demand.

Customers love the looks and the way that these basketball shoes fit, though they do wish that they were available in a couple of different colorways.

Adidas Crazy Explosive

Another pair of funky hybrid hightops, these shoes look like they stepped right out of a time machine that mixed the 1970s with 2020.

Some of the most comfortable basketball shoes you’re going to find on the planet today, like a lot of other Adidas basketball shoe options these ones first focus on making sure that your foot is protected at all times on the court – particularly your ankle.

The extra cushion helps to make sure to secure your foot in these shoes without ever feeling tight or too constricting, but also offers the extra bit of bounce you need to slam one home or to pull up and drop a three in someone’s face.

Customers love the excellent traction, the anatomical lacing system, and the overall fit and finish of these Adidas hightops and it isn’t hard to see why. They really are a great pair of basketball shoes.

Adidas Dame 4

The number one thing that sets these basketball shoes for jumping apart from the rest of the pack is the compression ankle collar that gives you a bit of extra stability around your ankle every time you take off up and down the court.

This extra bit of containment and support is going to help you feel like you are “locked into” your shoes, giving you the extra confidence to lift off on demand while knowing that when you come down to the court your foot is going to be cushioned and protected – no matter how much hang time you get.

A lot of customers consider these shoes to be the best basketball shoes for jumping on the market today, the kinds of shoes that are going to be perfect for playing indoors as well as out. The breathable mesh and technical fabrics Adidas has engineered for these shoes help them to remain lightweight and strong, which means you’re going to be able to get a couple of seasons out of them as well.

Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1

These low tops still provide a lot of cushion and protection for your ankle, but it’s the gripping ability and herringbone traction pattern that helps to set them apart from the rest of the pack.

All of that traction is going to give you the ability to shift gears on the court (indoors or out) whenever you need to, but it’s also going to give you plenty of traction to gain lift off when you leap into the air for rebound, for a layup, or somebody.

Integrated BOUNCE cushioning technology from Adidas make sure that your vertical is improved the second that you put these on without sacrificing stability or comfort. The impact protection of these shoes is also something that a lot of customers mention, with many finding them to be some of the most comfortable basketball shoes money can buy in 2020.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, if you’re looking to take your game to the next level – and want to squeeze a little bit of extra verticality out of your jumper, your rebound ability, or your ability to get to the rim whenever you want – the five basketball shoes we highlighted above are where you’re going to want to focus your attention.

These are head and shoulders above the rest on the basketball shoes on the market today and are certainly the best basketball shoes for jumping.

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