Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet

Let’s face it, basketball and flat feet sometimes tend to go hand in hand. Finding the best basketball shoes for flat feet is easy! Don’t think for one second that because a person has flat feet that they can’t ball. This just isn’t true as some of the most famous players face issues with flat feet.

The best way to know if you need treatment for a the condition of flat feet is relatively simple. If they are causing discomfort, or creating pain in other places of the body, get checked out. For those who need a strong sturdy pair of shoes, look no further.

The condition of flat feet means that there is little to no arch present in the foot. With that being said, a good pair of basketball shoes can be the answer to many issues. An arch support can make all of the difference.

Getting a shoe with a sturdy composition and a strong arch will mean that your foot gets more support throughout the day. Knowing this, you can begin a new workout regimen, walk a little longer, and even get back on the basketball court.

5+ Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet

1. Nike Men’s Lebron Witness III PRM

Lebron James is known for a lot of things and his shoes are most definitely one of them. Some say he takes his inspiration from the Jordan brand, while others say that his style is all its own.

The Lebron Witness III’s are perfect for people who suffer from low or fallen arches. Flat feet will be delighted to slide into a pair of these. Regardless of whether or not you are working, or playing, these shoes really do set the tone.

The mesh design will allow ultimate flexibility for any workout. These basketball shoes are tough, as the outer shell is covered in patent leather. A shoe that will put many in mind of the Jordan brand, these still stand out.

A major update was the signature detail that is an ode to Lebron’s hometown of Akron, Ohio. These shoes are a custom fit for anyone looking to step their game up in a major way.


  • Excellent shoe for playing basketball
  • Great quality patent leather on the outer shell
  • Support that helps the arch on flat feet
  • Good ankle support


  • Sizing conflicts
  • Shipping vs production

2. Converse Men’s Star Series BB

A 2020 take on one of the most recognizable brands in the world. The Converse brand has been around through war, peace, and even the creation of many popular sports. That is why it was a no brainer for them to update their most famous shoe design.

The Converse Men’s Star Series BB shoe is created using many blends of synthetic and natural materials. While staying true to their roots, Converse has created a good looking shoe that really does hold up well.

Playing in this shoe was a go and folks just can’t get enough of how lightweight and breathable these shoes are. Not only are they at a great price, but you still get the feeling that you are balling in some classic Chuck Taylors.

Introducing the Cushlon and OrthoLite footbed mean one thing, Converse would be getting the most efficient support. They managed to do this while keeping the weight of the shoe pretty low.


  • Durable shoe
  • Strong sole with rubber outsole
  • Classic design that is easily recognizable
  • Top level support for flat feet
  • Traction is a key


  • Limited colorways
  • Similar design to popular basketball shoes

3. Nike Men’s Kyrie Flytrap

When playing basketball, breathability is very important. Your feet need to stay as dry as possible in order to achieve the best results on the court. A breathable shoe like the Nike Men’s Kyrie Flytrap does just that.

A screen printed element is placed on the upper part of the shoe, giving it a customized kick’s kind of vibe. Not only does this look good, but it even has an effect on the support of the upper. This allows the shoe to be more durable and resist abrasion better.

The outsole is decoupled and gives the wearer a smooth transition. All ballers know how important transitions are on the court. The ability to make quick moves is clutch and these shoes are built specifically for that.

While they may not give you Kyrie Irvin’s killer crossover, they will provide you with stability and support for flat feet. Those who need a little more support can rest assured knowing that these shoes are sized to fit.


  • Sized to fit
  • These have great grip
  • Support for flat and low arch feet
  • Really defined bounce factor
  • Quick moves made easy


  • Hard to keep clean in bad weather
  • Can fit too well at times

4. Adidas Men’s Marquee Boost Low

When Adidas started to market more upscale shoes, the styling trickled down to many of their flagship shoes. Folks are investing in shoes like the stock market, and prices can sometimes rival gold.

The Adidas Men’s Marquee Boost are a low top basketball shoe that performs as good as it looks. The design couldn’t be described as old school, they are almost futuristic. Textile blends along with synthetic material makes this shoe one of the top for the year 2020.

Those with flat feet or low arches should rejoice, as Adidas has made some of the best insoles for years. This shoe stands out and stands up. The added cushioning allows for ultimate comfort for the wearer.

A fun shoe that can be matched up with nearly any outfit makes for a great bargain, no matter the price. These shoes can go from the court to the ball in 0-60 seconds.


  • Molds are so well cut
  • Time was put into these designs
  • Futuristic design that is done right
  • Mesh is out, textile is in
  • Comfort for flat feet


  • Colorways are limited
  • Design isn’t for everyone
  • Make be clunky for some
  • Sizing issues

5. Reebok Men’s Royal BB4500 HI2

We can take it back to the old school with this pair of Reebok Men’s Royal BB4500 sneakers. These basketball shoes bring back the true grit of the sport, not just shooting three pointers all day. A nice reminder of how simple the 90’s were in terms of design.

One way to measure how effective this shoe is, would be the stress test. Lace these badboys up and give them all you got! No wrong way to wear a pair of Reebok, as this timeless design is recognized worldwide for its longevity and style.

Imported leather, a rubber sole, and even a camo sole option makes this shoe perfect for times when you have to get down and dirty. You can just spray these off with the water hose, let them dry, and be back at it before you know it.

The low top is actually a high top on other brands, but this design is different. A simpler time meant that the additional fabric would be used with arch materials. What you get it a high-low top shoe with a great arch for flat feet.


  • Simple design
  • Comfortable for flat feet
  • Good for arch


  • Basic design
  • Sizing is limited


Shoes today come in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. There are some that enjoy the throwback editions from yesterday, while others want to check out the newest brands. Some styles are timeless, while others cannot stand the test of time.

Flat feet don’t have to wear generic shoes. Don’t hide your feet, show them off with a great pair from the top 5. These shoes are tested and known to help with arch support, and more. Don’t worry about the prices, as they have been checked competitively.

When looking for the best sized shoe for your comfort, be sure to get your exact measurement. Also check to see if your favorite brand is a shoe seller that sells shoes that are true to size. When doing this, these shoes will be an exact fit, with no room to budge.

Knowing the importance of having a good arch support is key when looking at a new pair of shoes. A good support will sometimes get rid of the need of any additional attention. Think about it, if you wore the same pair of shoes for 10 years, do you feel like they would still have the best support?

Many people still don’t get their shoes when they need them. For whatever reason, but there is no excuse on finding the best support for your feet. Shopping around for the best prices is helpful when searching for a new pair of shoes that support flat feet.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about brands. Different shoes deploy various new technology that can really be helpful when adding more arch support for your feet.

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