Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

Whether you play basketball as a recreational sport or for an organized league, ankle injuries are common. An ankle injury can be dangerous, and no one wants to experience this pain.

A few things can contribute to hurting your ankle while playing basketball. The quick swift movements down the court can always attribute to the possibility to roll your ankle. Not having the right amount of ankle support in your shoes can also cause you to injure your ankle.

Choosing the right type of footwear to play in is key. Basketball shoes with superb ankle support should be considered when deciding on your next pair of basketball shoes. Not all basketball shoes have the best support. We will review the Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support.

5+ Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

1. Reebok Men’s Royal Bb4500 Hi2 Sneaker

The Reebok Royal Bb4500 Hi2 is the remake of the Bb4600 Originals basketball shoe.

The rubber soles of this shoe are made of highly durable, abrasion-resistant rubber. The rubber material creates great traction for both indoor and outdoor basketball courts. The rubber pattern on the soles enhances traction and makes it easier to move quickly.

Reebok kept the classic silhouette with this shoe. This high top style basketball shoe is fitted for superior ankle support.

The uppers on the shoe add to the support factor for your ankles. They are made of high-quality leather with a mesh covering. Airflow is regulated in this shoe by the perforations on the toe. You can expect to wear these shoes in varying conditions due to the high-quality design.

Soft mesh lining in the shoe adds comfort to your feet while playing. This shoe features OrthoLite foam sock liners for added comfort.

Additional padding is added to the tongue, collar, and heel of the shoe. The added padding ensures that your ankles are supported and able to fully lockdown in a safe position.

The high top design of the shoe promotes ankle flexibility. This will help to both support and protect your ankles while playing.

The Reebok Royal Bb4500 is both breathable and comfortable. The quality materials that were used to make this shoe helps to also make it durable. The high-quality leather that is used on the uppers of the shoe makes it a durable and long-lasting option.

Customers give this shoe a high rating for the overall quality and price of the shoe. They love the comfort level and traction the shoe offers. Some customers noted that this shoe can fit narrow.

2. Nike Men’s Hyperdunk Basketball Shoe

This is another great high-top basketball shoe option. The high top design makes it a good ankle support shoe.

There is responsive cushioning in the forefoot and the heel of the shoe. The cushioning provides impact protection and comfort. It is good for rebounds and supportive movement down the court.

The high-top design, you can expect excellent ankle support. The high-top design does not affect the flexibility and movement of the shoe.

With the Nike Hyperdunk basketball shoes, you can move around the court freely and protect your ankles at the same time.

This shoe is both lightweight and breathable. You can wear these shoes inside and outside. These shoes offer both style and comfort.

Lightweight materials on the shoe make them easy to play in. The supportive design of the shoe may reduce fatigue. The cushioning in the shoe provides comfort while running and jumping. It has good feedback.

Customers love the flexibility that the shoe offers without compromising the overall support of the shoe. High ratings were given to the durability and traction of the shoe. Some customers did not like how long it took to break the shoes in. Overall, customers rated this high-quality and ankle supporting basketball shoe.

3. Nike Lebron XIII Basketball Shoes

Great support, lightweight, and comfortable are all characteristics that describe Nike Lebron XIII. There is a one-piece mesh upper on the shoe that provides a snug locked-in fit.

These shoes are breathable and comfortable for long games and prolonged wear. This shoe offers great protection and support for your feet. There are hyperposite panels on the shoe.

If both style and comfort are important to you, this is a good option. This shoe has good cushioning, but it does not take away from your overall playing ability. You are still able to have enough feel of the court to guide your movements.

The collar on the shoe is lined with foam. The foam lining adds extra protection for your ankles.

The rubber outsoles of the shoe provide good traction. The grip on the shoe makes for easy and clean movements. The high-quality outsoles make this shoe a good candidate for both outdoor and indoor play.

The comfort level of the shoe is high. It has large Zoom Air units in the shoe. Making it more comfortable than your average basketball shoe. These shoes are durable and dependable, excellent performance basketball shoes.

The Lebron XIII is supportive of your ankles, but also flexible. The flexibility of this shoe gives you more control on the court.

Customers love that this shoe is breathable and can be worn in all kinds of weather. Customers rated the durability and functionality of this shoe high. Customers noted that the sizing runs small on this shoe and recommends going a ½ size up. Overall, they consider this to be a great ankle supporting basketball shoe.

4. Under Armour Curry 2.5

The Under Armour Curry 2.5 has the stability and support you need for your best game. Your arch, heel, and forefront are all locked in with this basketball shoe.

This high top basketball shoe is great for supporting your ankles. It supports without restricting the movement of your lower legs.

The unique design of the shoe helps protect your foot from sliding while playing. This adds more stability to your game and also minimizes the number of blisters on your feet from playing long games.

If you have small or large ankles, the molded synthetic upper will provide a good fit for you. It supports different size ankles, making it one of the top picks for ankle supporting shoes.

Durability is high in this shoe. They are made to be long-lasting. You can play in these shoes for a long period of time without your feet sweating too much. The lacing system on this shoe is well-designed. You do not have to unlace your entire shoe to get it on or take it off.

Customers love the good traction and grip on the shoe. They noted that the traction prevents slipping on slick courts. Some customers noted that the design of the shoe is narrow and that it is recommended to order at least ½ size up in this shoe. This may be an issue for some customers, but others love the lock-in feel the shoe provides.

5. Adidas Men’s Pro Next Basketball Shoes

You will be able to comfortably and safely work on your game with the Adidas Men’s Pro Next Basketball Shoe. The shoe features a cloud foam midsole for heightened cushioning.

This shoe is soft and breathable. The traction is great and the under soles are made of rubber. There is herringbone coverage that aids in lateral and linear movement.

The under soles of the shoe features a detailed pattern that assists with traction. The shoes are suited for both indoor and outdoor courts.

The cushioning in the shoe is comfortable and provides bounce. Although the cushioning is soft, you are still able to experience court feel and smooth transitions.

Add impact protection is a key feature of the cushioning in this shoe. If you need feedback in your basketball shoes, the Adidas Pro Next gives you this feature. Great for rebounding.

This shoe is designed for comfort and grip. The synthetic uppers offer great ankle support.

Mesh like material covers the shoe. There are minimal synthetic suede overlays on the shoe. The upper is lightweight but extremely supportive of your ankles.

Nylon lines the inner shoe. There is a comfortable molded collar on the shoe. The durability of the shoe is excellent.

You can expect the shoe to fit true to size. Some customers did not like the fabric on the inside of the shoe, although it did not affect their game.

Overall, this shoe has intense support. The base of the shoe is wide with incredible outriggers. The internal heel counter is great. The footbed gives you support for quick movements and intense playing down the court.


Every shoe on this list is good quality ankle supporting basketball shoes. They offer good traction for any type of playing environment. The basketball shoes listed above have varying levels of comfort. You can expect all of the shoes to be durable and made of high-quality materials.

If you are trying to save your money but still looking for quality, We recommend the Reebok Men’s Royal Bb4500 Hi2 Sneaker. It gives you the ultimate quality for the best price. Customers rated this shoe very high in all areas.

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