Best Adidas Basketball Shoes

Adidas basketball shoes are quite popular. From celebrities to NBA starts, to the everyday person Adidas is a favorite top brand. It is one of the most popular shoe brands.

Beyond the stylish appearance, Adidas basketball shoes are among the best high-performance basketball shoes on the market. There are many options and styles of Adidas basketball shoes, we will review the top 5 best Adidas basketball shoes 2020.

5+ Best Adidas Basketball Shoes

1. Adidas Dame 5 Basketball Shoe

The Adidas Dame 5 is a low top basketball shoe designed for the style of Damian Lillard. This shoe features flexible cushioning and multiple style colors. They are available in sizes 6 -20. Depending on size, the shoe can cost between $40 – $250.

There is herringbone traction on the Adidas Dame 5 from the toe to the heel of the shoe. The pattern on the under sole is quite impressive. The pattern thick and spaced apart to add better traction.

As for the cushion, it thick and has bounced. The midsoles are thick, but you are still able to feel the court while playing. Great for both indoor and outdoor courts.

The Dame 5 provides bounce and ride. It has plenty of protection from impact while still giving you control and feel of the court.

Both the mesh and leather material options are available in the Dame 5. If you prefer a lighter shoe, go with the mesh version. The mesh option has a synthetic nubuck and suede panel on the back of the shoe.

The synthetic leather version of the Dame 5 has this material consistently throughout the shoe.

With the Dame 5, you will get more volume above the toe area. The fit of the shoe is a little long. No worries, it is recommended that if you do not need the extra space, order ½ size down. If you have a wide foot, this shoe is for you.

The shoe is designed well, even with the extra space the shoestrings and inside cushioning offer a great snug fit. You can lace them up tighter for a better fit without compromising comfort.

2. Adidas Marquee Boost Low Basketball Shoe

The Adidas Marquee Boost is an upgraded look from the classic Adidas look. The shoe features modern details and they are built for agility and quickness.

If you need large-sized basketball shoes, this is a great option. Shoe sizes range from 6.5 – 20. The price of this shoe ranges from 37 – $175. There are 13 different colors/patterns available in the Adidas Marquee Boost.

A molded ankle collar is featured with a cushioned heel for better comfort and support. The herringbone outer soles provide extra grip. The traction offers multidirectional coverage throughout the shoe.

The herringbone traction pattern gives you consistent coverage. The pattern is tightly spaced. The bottom pattern is good for inside courts but may not be the best on outdoor courts.

Do you like soft cushioning in your basketball shoes? Premium cushioning is used on the Adidas Marquee Boost. There is a slight bounce to the cushion. The rear of the shoe offers under-foot feedback. The cushioning is soft and thick.

A unique feature of this shoe is that it contains a nice mixture of materials. It has knits, mesh, and canvas on the shoe. The soles of the shoe are flexible but still offer great support.

The Adidas Marquee Boost fits true to size. It has torsional support and outrigger. The shoe has a wider platform for increased stability.

Customers particularly like that you don’t have to break the shoes in to feel comfortable. They gave high ratings for the enhanced support and grip that the shoe offers. Some customers reported that the shoe fits narrow, but it is still comfortable.

3. Adidas Pro Vision Basketball Shoes

The Adidas Pro Vision basketball shoes are a mixture of a streetball style with modern details. The shoes are designed with a midfoot cage that offers a greater lock-down feeling.

Depending on your size, you can find these shoes for the price range of $37 – $160. Sizes range from 6.5 – 20. There are 14 different colors and styles available in this shoe. The midsoles are flexible with soft cushioning for comfort.

If you are looking for a shoe that provides extra grip, this shoe features rubber outsoles that give you extra grip for quick movement on the court.

This shoe transitions easily from hardwood to the blacktop. The traction features on the bottom of the shoe make it well suited for both environments.

A bounce cushion is used in this shoe. The cushions ride low to the ground giving you the feel of the court. You will noticeably be able to move quicker with the sleek design of the cushions and the overall feel of the shoe.

In addition to feeling great, the Adidas Pro Vision offers impact protection while you play. The outside of the shoe has mesh on a section of the uppers. There is felt-like material on the toe section.

You can expect a true to size fit with this shoe. The shoe maintains a lightweight feel while providing maximum support. The midsole of the shoe cups your foot while playing, giving you extra support.

Customers gave high ratings on the overall look, comfort, and bounce of the shoe. The price point was a common like among users of the shoe.

4. Adidas Pro Bounce Basketball Shoes

The Adidas Pro Bounce gives you amazing comfort while playing. You can show off your game in style with these shoes. They are available in sizes 6.5 – 19. There are two different color schemes available in this style.

The outsoles are designed well. The spiral patterns on the outsoles are good for ultimate grip and bite. You can wear these shoes and expect high performance in both indoor and outdoor courts.

Reliable traction is a key feature of the Adidas Pro Bounce basketball shoes. Another great feature is the bounce cushions.

Don’t worry, although the shoes give you extra comfort and cushion, they are not too soft. You will still be able to feel the court and be quick in your movements.

Forge Fiber is used on the shoe is lightweight. This mesh material covers the shoe and it includes extra stitching for increased strength.

The material of the shoe is breathable, and the materials move with your foot while playing. Break-in time is minimal with this shoe.

The shoe fits true to size. There is space for your toes for comfortable movement. The lock-down of this shoe is solid and provides you with support. Two split spring plates on the forefoot of the shoes offer torsional support.

Customers gave high reviews on the fit and comfort of the shoe.

5. Adidas Harden B/E 3 Basketball Shoes

This shoe was inspired by James Harden. They feature padded internal collars.

You can find the Adidas Harden B/E 3 basketball shoes in the price range of $31 – $189. The sizes range from 6.5 – 20. There are 9 different color styles available in this shoe.

There are semi-translucent rubber and herringbone traction on the under soles. These are great shoes for indoor play, and they can also be worn on blacktops, but you may have less traction.

If you are looking for bounce, this has a lot of bounce. The foam cushioning offers rebound without being too soft to affect the response.

The lightweight feel of the shoe in conjunction with the bounce gives you a smooth and quick transition.

On the back of the shoe, there is a panel for hook and loop. A mesh covering is on the front of the shoe, giving it more stretch.

This shoe fits as expected about 84 percent of the time. Some customers noted they had to order a half size down because the shoe can run large for some people.

Overall the shoe is lightweight and the textile upper provides enhanced durability. There is a shroud’s elastic band and strap on the lacing system of the shoe. The lacing system aids in better lock-down and movement while playing.

This shoe does a good job keeping your heel in place while playing. The strap system offers greater support for your ankles and overall secureness of the shoe.

Customers gave rave reviews about the comfort and fit of the shoe. Although, there were some customers that identified that the shoe can run narrow. Many customers enjoyed that they could wear the shoes to play basketball as well as for everyday use.

The overall cost of the shoe received high ratings from customers stating that they received great value for the amount of money they spent.


Overall, the above list summarizes some of the top Adidas basketball shoes for 2020. Each one has its specialty areas and enhanced focal points. If we had to choose the best on this list, our choice is the Adidas Marquee Booster for the price, comfort, support, and customer reviews.

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